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    To become a respectable biopharmaceutical company.

    The whole Uni-Bio family share a common goal: to become a leading provider of professional, affordable, high quality healthcare product in China, and eventually the world, and to lead the advancement of the industry. Step forward together with the company, Uni-Biologists also share the fruits of innovation and common glory for personal development.

    • Uni-Bio earns customers’ respect through providing best healthcare solution with innovative concept.

    • Uni-Bio attracts talents and earns their respect through providing valuable career development opportunities and warmly humanistic care.

    • Uni-Bio earns peers’ respect through operational excellence and becoming a leading expert in the biopharmaceutical industry.

    • Uni-Bio earns society’s respect through making products with craftsman’s spirit and leading advancement of the industry.

    To become an endocrinology expert in the biopharmaceutical industry

    Follow our promise “Leading genuine innovation”, through innovative biological technology, we provide effective solutions to doctors and patients in endocrinology with friendly price. Uni-Bio offers not only “curing” but also “caring”

    • “Innovation” represents innovative technology and yearning for new high-technology.

    • “Genuine” represents our continuous care to patients, best solution to diseases with friendly price.

    Caring, Responsible, Leading, Focused

    Our efforts to succeed as a leading healthcare company focus on the delivery of truly innovative, high-quality solutions to address the pressing healthcare problems faced by patients in China.

    • Caring -- We care patients and take their health as our responsibility.

    • Responsible -- We are take responsibility and accountability of our actions and results.

    • Leading -- We lead in the professional domain with technology and innovation.

    • Focused -- We have a focused attitude to fulfil our duty in a high quality and timely manner.